“Licorice, mmmm. If there’s anything I’m a sucker for, it’s licorice.”

Looking for hostess gift inspiration? Below nine of the country’s chicest salonnieres reveal the most memorable host or hostess gift they’ve ever received.

Carmen Dell’Orefice

Carmen Dell’Orefice, supermodel
A six-pack of Fiji water. I am, above all things, practical and it was something I could actually use.

Tata Harper, founder and creator of Tata Harper luxury skin care
For one of my dinner parties, a friend brought a delicious pie in a gorgeous pottery pie dish. When we finished dessert, she said I could keep the dish! I thought that was such a special thing to do.

Cornelia Guest, philanthropist, entrepreneur, author, and animal rights advocate:
Without a doubt, a treat for my dogs. And of course anything rosé!

Cornelia Guest

Lana Ogilvie, fashion model
A beautiful little drawing of the food we served the night before. It was really the most wonderful and original gift. I had it framed and have have it hanging on our wall.

Natasha Bergreen, interior and floral designer
Friends from Maine gave me a hostess gift that was just beyond…a beautiful willow basket filled with the most amazing collection of hand-foraged chanterelle mushrooms and delicately wrapped soft-shell lobsters presented on a bed of glistening seaweed.

Christopher Spitzmiller

Christopher Spitzmiller, designer, and maker of hand-thrown ceramic lamps
Sinners & Saints cookies from Studmuffin Desserts were my absolute favorite. They are delicious!

Gavin Phipps, owner and designer, Phipps Jewelry
Tickets to watch Sampras defeat Becker at center court at Wimbledon

Lauren Ezersky

Lauren Ezersky, fashion icon, philanthropist, and television producer and host
A fabulous pair of sandals with 14 karat gold decorations. I occasionally use them as table decor!

Jaqui Lividini, philanthropist and entrepreneur
One dozen fresh eggs in a basket. They were gorgeous, exotic colors just laid that morning – so chic!

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