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Have you heard of Tony ‘n Tina’s Wedding, the immersive theater experience that features audience members as guests of a fictional Italian-American wedding? Well, Tristan Chan, the founder of, kicked the concept up a revelrous notch by hosting a faux outdoor wedding in Denver recently that was so fun that it’s sure to inspire a similar soirée of your own. Pour yourself a Blushing Bride and let us tell you all about it.

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Tristan, a craft beer enthusiast who recently moved from Kentucky to Denver, and his friend and party co-host Lizzie Bourque often lamented that they and their friends never seemed to frequent the same nuptials because they were all Denver newbies. So, the duo took matters into their own hands by throwing a faux wedding for 70 of their dearest Mile-High-City pals.

As they arrived, each guest was asked to choose from a hat a slip of paper on which was written the character they were to play for the duration of the party. Among the roles that were up for grabs were the jealous bridesmaid, the frisky groomsman, the drunken uncle, the incessant photo bomber, the crazy dancer, and the beer snob. Guests had plenty of opportunities to sink their teeth into their new and mischievous identities: there was a matrimonial ceremony, a bouquet toss, a cake cutting, speeches from the wedding party, and lots of dancing. Some guests stayed in character long after the party was over. While the bride and groom didn’t know each other before the party, they fell madly in like during the festivities and dated for a time afterward.

Visit The Salonniere to find out how to throw a faux wedding theme party.

To put their guests in a matrimonial frame of mind, co-hosts Tristan and Lizzie created an outdoor environment that perfectly captured the sweet backyard wedding vibe that is very much en vogue these days. They strung outdoor lights through the tree branches and across the lawn, attached pretty balloons to the fence posts, used a friend’s wooden bar to create a beer station, and set the cake table with white bridal lace.

Visit The Salonniere to find out how to throw a faux wedding theme party.

Both beer enthusiasts, Tristan and Lizzie served their guests a choice of brews from New Belgium Brewing and Avery Brewing Company and a variety of delectables, including a traditional white wedding cake.

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Photos from top to bottom: Adonye Jaja photo courtesy of Tristan Chan, Pinterest, PopSugar, Pinterest

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