The Salonniere

Party Introductions and Meaningful Mingling 1

The Salonniere (“sal-on-yair”) is an online magazine dedicated to the art of entertaining, the joy of revelry, and the power of parties. It was founded in 2013 by entertaining expert Carla McDonald to encourage more socializing and highlight those who are continuing the tradition of the great salonnieres in history, trailblazers whose parties shaped the world in a way that is still felt today.

Today’s party hosts play a similarly vital role in their communities and beyond. They bring people together, facilitate introductions, advance ideas, advocate for change, raise funds for important causes, and create joyful moments that enhance lives. The Salonniere honors America’s 100 most extraordinary party hosts each year via its news-making list, The Salonniere 100, which has become to the social world what the Forbes 400 is to the business world.

The winner of several awards, The Salonniere is the go-to entertaining resource for those who love to host and attend parties. From its black, white, and peony-pink design to the length of its articles (three minutes—the average duration of a casual cocktail-party chat), The Salonniere celebrates all aspects of entertaining. Adding to the revelry are the vintage photo-and-quote mash-ups that introduce its stories: unrelated yet fitting, they pair to form a “cocktail” of wink-wink wit that welcomes readers to each topic, while paying homage to the decades that inspire popular party themes.

Photos:  Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1961; Rebecca Gardner