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What is a Salonniere? | The Salonniere

The Salonniere (“sal-on-yair”) is the nation’s leading website dedicated to the art of entertaining. Named for the 17th and 18th century women whose influential parties—called salons—introduced the power and delight of intellectually and culturally engaging social gatherings, The Salonniere was founded by Carla McDonald in 2013 to celebrate the universal joy of social revelry and the people who are continuing the tradition of hosting parties to support causes, advance ideas, and bring joy to others.

The Salonniere profiles, spotlights, and honors renowned party hosts and contemporary salonnieres by sharing expert entertaining tips, inspiring party ideas, and the best party products. Stories on The Salonniere are designed to be enjoyed in three minutes, the average length of time of a casual cocktail-party chat. Adding to the fun are the photo-and-quote mashups that garnish each feature story: unrelated yet fitting, they pair to form an amusing “cocktail” of festive wit that introduces each topic.

Photos: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1961; Slim Aarons