You know, people seldom go to the trouble of scratching the surface of things to find the inner truth.

Come on in, doll. We’re whipping up some Air Force Ones in preparation for the year’s two final presidential debates. And, just to be festive, we’ve got a poll of our own to throw in the mix. Called The North Poll, this much-needed, lighthearted survey of more than 1,600 men and women nationwide reveals a new and spirited look at the 2016 presidential candidates.


Carly Fiorina is the most kissable candidate

Which presidential candidate would you kiss under the mistletoe?

According to The North Poll, most Americans would peck Carly Fiorina (23%) under the mistletoe followed by Hillary Clinton (22%), Bernie Sanders (16%), Marco Rubio (10%), Donald Trump (8%), Ben Carson (6%), and Jeb Bush (4%). When filtered by gender, Fiorina was the overwhelming choice among men, garnering 42% of the male vote, while Sanders was the top mistletoe target for 23% of women followed by Rubio (17%), Clinton (14%) and Trump (10%). The least smoochable candidates, according to the poll, are John Kasich who received less than 1% of the vote along with Rand Paul, Chris Christie and Ted Cruz, each of whom would only need to pucker up for 3% of Americans.

Most Americans want to go to Trump’s holiday party 

Which presidential candidate’s holiday party do you wish you could attend?

Apparently, Donald Trump is the host with the most with the majority of respondents (26%) saying they’d like to attend his holiday party. In second place was Bernie Sanders (24%) followed by Hillary Clinton (22%), Ben Carson (8%), and Carly Fiorina (4%). Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Ted Cruz each received 3% of the vote. Martin O’Malley won’t need to up his catering numbers; he came in last with less than 1% of the vote.


Most Americans say Sanders would make the best Santa

Which candidate would make the best Santa Claus?

According to the survey, Americans are divided about which candidate would don the red suit best with Bernie Sanders, Chris Christie and Donald Trump receiving 25%, 23% and 21% of the vote, respectively. However, there was bi-partisan agreement where Carly Fiorina, Martin O’Malley, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, and John Kasich were concerned. Each received just 1% of the Santa vote.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton is the candidate most Americans wish would visit them over the holidays

Which presidential candidate do you wish would attend your holiday party?

According to the poll, most Americans want Hillary Clinton to visit them during the holidays. Twenty-six percent (including almost one-third of women) would like Hillary Clinton to show up at their holiday party while 22% and 21%, respectively, would roll out the welcome mat for Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. However, with 26% of the male vote, Donald Trump was the clear guest of choice among men. The invitations most likely to get lost in the mail would be those addressed to Martin O’Malley and John Kasich, each of whom received just 1% of the vote.

The North Poll was conducted online by an independent, third-party research firm. It includes responses from 1,606 adults (evenly weighted between men and women) from all over the country. The survey was conducted between November 20 and December 4, 2015. 

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Photo sources: PBS, People, GreenvilleOnline, AP

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