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Today we’re checking in with Jon Reyman, the famed dry-cut coiffeur who is the most in-demand stylist at New York Fashion Week and counts Sienna Miller, Lana Del Ray, and Christina Milian among his clients. The yoga-loving owner of the chic yet calming Spoke and Weal salons in Soho, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, Jon is always lightening and enlightening. Both his hair story and his life story share principles of soft movement, clean lines, and a strong silhouette. Listen in as Jon shares his party hair must-haves for summer revelers on both coasts. His divinely inspired tips are different for a very important reason.

Jon, what are the top trends for summer party hair?

Weather dictates many of the styles and necessities of the East and West coasts. The trends shift, but the weather is consistently very wet or very dry. The humidity in the Hamptons is unlike anything Angelenos ever have to deal with. Women there feel that after a day at the beach and a shower, they have to go to a blow-dry bar before the party scene starts to get that very elegant, semi-done, après beach hair. But even with a round brush blow-dry, they can’t keep their hair super straight and totally non-frizzy.

Jon Reyman

So what styles does that dictate for summer parties on the East Coast?  

You can either take the controlled direction with braids or go big and sexy with the ’70s frizzy-curly-fuzzy-hair look. With a great cut, you can do both. Go for a clean look one night and let your freak flag fly the next. When it comes to braids, I prefer the tight thin braids that start at the scalp. That look’s been centuries in the making. And after you take them out, you’ve got very piece-y, textured hair with lots of bend. If you’re going for loose summer party hair, make sure it’s not overly thought out. Keep it wild – it looks sexier and more festive. Think cool ’70s big hair like Jerry Hall, Patti Hansen, or Diana Ross.

Jerry Hall Summer Party Hair The Salonniere

Model Jerry Hall in the 1970s

What are the best products for dealing with the humidity on the East Coast?

It’s hot and sweaty in the Hamptons, so you want to keep your hair light. I like Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep for weightless volume and Aveda Texturing Cream for shine. Air-drying your hair also works well after the beach, and it’s actually better than a big brush blowout for getting beachy waves.

What styles work best for summer parties on the West Coast?

In L.A., you won’t see the volume, curl, or frizz that comes with humidity. The hair is usually longer, and the rock ‘n roll shag – whether long, short, curly, or semi-straight – never gets old. But the big news with the shag is gradient, ombre, or balayage color that makes the layers pop. I like those rich faux colors for summer parties. The beachy wave is also still hot, but I’m not a fan of blowouts that look like there’s an invisible round brush still in it.


What are some of your favorite accessories for summer party hair?

I like messy top knots with a bandana wrapped around the head. A half top knot with some hair loose is pretty, too. For an instant fix on a hot day or at a pool party, wrap a colored ribbon around a ponytail. A pop of color when you’re wearing an all-white or neutral outfit looks particularly festive. I also love colored bobby pins like these and Japanese hairpins. You can get them at Shear World. It looks cool to show “the mechanism” – how the hair was pinned and messily shaped. There’s no such thing as doing it wrong, and it only takes a few minutes.

Are accessory trends different on the east and west coasts?  

Pins, scarves, and ribbons are more common at parties in New York and the Hamptons. You won’t see them as much in L.A. because women are self-conscious about looking too girly. In L.A., what makes hair stand out is dimensional color – highlights, lowlights, inside and out – and good texture. I like this hairspray for texture. It’s light but really shapes.

Jon Reyman The Salonniere

Jon Reyman backstage at New York Fashion Week

Are all these summer party-hair trends runway-inspired?

Oh, yeah. Undone just keeps getting more undone. There aren’t a lot of hard and fast new styles per se. It’s just an evolution of what we’ve been seeing, and it’s more individually oriented.


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