Amy AdamsBecause we like a broad who can stir things up with an air of easy confidence, this week’s Sally Award for best party look goes to Amy Adams in Elie Saab at the Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hilton on February 10th. In a sea of rather boring and predictable dresses, Amy was a fashion standout in this trousers and blouse ensemble from Saab’s 2014 Resort Collection. Simultaneously bold and effortless, this look proves that redheads can and should wear red. This orange-red shade with its warm undertones complements Amy’s coloring perfectly.

Amy Adams

We might have preferred the trousers an eighth-of-an-inch shorter so they didn’t drag on the ground and we could see a hint of her Louboutins, but the effortless elegance of Amy’s Veronica Lake hair more than made up for the minor transgression.

Get a great peek inside the luncheon here.

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