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Come in out of the heat and meet Sandy Linter, makeup artist to the stars, consultant to Lancôme’s product development teams, an Elle magazine Genius Award winner, and author of the book, The Makeup Wakeup: Revitalizing Your Look at Any Age. The undisputed Mistress of Maquillage, Sandy has glamorized the world’s most iconic beauties – from Gwyneth Paltrow, Uma Thurman, Elizabeth Hurley and Christie Brinkley to Brooke Shields, Sharon Stone, Queen Noor and Patti Hansen. Sandy was just about to reveal what’s inside her makeup bag and show us how to look like the cat’s meow while soiréeing during the dog days of summer. Let’s grab a Lipstick Cocktail and listen in….

Sandy Linter’s Best
Warm Weather Makeup Tips


Sandy prefers BB creams for summer for a more natural look

Sandy, it’s so hot outside. What’s the best way to keep makeup in place and looking fresh during these sweltering days and nights?
Heavy, winter-weather formulations of foundations and concealers don’t cut it during the summer because they can be “read” more easily in the warm weather and fall into the creases. Summer eye makeup also needs to be lighter weight and more “dry” – rather than “wet” – on the eyes. For eyes, I recommend a long-wear base on your eyelids to keep your shadow and liner clean and crisp. They’re oil absorbing and the answer to a “hot lid” for those who have smaller eyelids that don’t hold liners and shadows very well. Also, pencils and mascaras under the eye can run in the summer. To avoid this, take a tiny shadow brush and pat over the pencil with a complementary eye shadow color or use gel liner under the eye.

So much summer entertaining takes place outside during the day – at pool parties, barbecues and the beach. What’s the best way to achieve a natural look in sunlight? 
Start with a sunscreen with an SPF. I like this one because it sits well under foundation. Then add a BB cream like this one, which looks natural in sunlight. For your lips, choose a product that stays on well and isn’t too glossy or wet. I like Lip Lover. It won’t budge or run in the heat.

What about daytime parties that go until dark. How should one apply makeup for that scenario?
Do your regular evening eye makeup and just wear shades during the sunlight hours. I don’t see why you can’t have fab eye makeup on while it’s daytime.

Christie Brinkley on The View with Makeup by Sandy Linter

Long-time client Christie Brinkley turned to Sandy to glam her up for a recent turn on The View

What are your 5 warm weather makeup must-haves?  
1. Lancôme’s Miracle Cushion foundation. It’s lightweight enough for daytime wear but has buildable coverage so you can also use it in the evening. Plus, it never leaves those awful demarcation lines and is small enough to throw into a party clutch for touch ups.
2. A gel liner. Use it alone or on top of your pencil liner to get a great look that will last no matter how hot it is.
3. A bronzer that can be used for contour and color. My favorites are Kevyn Aucoin Bronzing Veil in Tropical Nights and Lancôme Star Bronzer in Sunswept for lighter skin tones or Golden for deeper skin tones.
4. A really good waterproof mascara.
5. A lightweight concealer like this one for under the eyes.

Is there something special we should do to prep our skin for warm-weather makeup? Use a toner after cleansing your skin and a good moisturizer with SPF. If your skin is on the oily side, I recommend this one because it diminishes shine and reduces the size of pores.

What’s the biggest mistake people make when it comes to summer makeup?
Using the wrong concealer. If you have a tan, you need to deepen your concealer or forego it altogether rather than use one that’s too light.

Makeup Wake up by Sandy Linter

Sandy’s book includes tips and beauty secrets from celebrities and models

What are your favorite makeup trends for this summer? 
The trendiest look this summer is a nude-looking 1990s face that is contoured with bronzer and has evident eyeliner and a visible neutral shadow. The shadow shade of the moment is a reddish-nude tone that looks really soft and pretty with a tan.

Here’s to summer soirées and thank you, Sandy. Speaking of sandy, what do you say we throw on some SPF and BB cream and hit the beach!

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