Darlin’, grab a glass of champers and come meet our lovely friend, the New York Times bestselling chick-lit author, Jill Kargman. Now don’t be duped by Jill’s exotic good looks and sophisticated style (she’s a member of Vanity Fair‘s International Best-Dressed List and her father is Arie Kopelman, the former chairman of Chanel).  Jill may be a fashionista of the highest order, but this down-to-earth gal has a sense of humor as sharp, edgy and incisive as a hound’s tooth. Her books, which include The Ex-Mrs. Hedgefund, Sometimes I Feel Like a Nut and Momzillas, are full of wry, irreverent and side-splitting observations about life among New York’s social elite. Jill’s latest project is Odd Mom Out, a new scripted comedy about Manhattan’s wealthy momzillas that she created for Bravo and in which she stars. The series debuts on June 8th at 10 pm EST, so now’s the time to start planning what Jill calls your “yummy mummy viewing parties.” How does this fashionable and funny lady entertain? Her tips might just have you in stitches.

Your entertaining style?
Festive and fun but casual

Your favorite way to entertain?
My table seats 10 so I always keep it at that! Sometimes we jam in two extra chairs but it’s super tight.

With you at your dream dinner table?
Meryl Streep, Woody Allen, Tim Burton, my three kids, my parents, and my husband

Jill with her father, Arie, mother, Coco, and husband, Harry, a technology entrepreneur

What party foods are always in your fridge and pantry?
Hummus, olives, about 10 cheeses, rice crackers and Carr’s Table Water Crackers plus baby carrots and cherry tomatoes for pop-by cocktails

Getting ready ritual?
Blaring Soundgarden

Best question to ask to get a party conversation rolling?
Who wants to play Cards Against Humanity afterwards?

Cards Against Humanity calls itself “a party game for horrible people”

Topics you won’t touch at a party?
Politics, religion, pets and school bullshit

Favorite cocktail?

Favorite Champagne?
Veuve Cliquot

Favorite party food? 

Favorite flower?

In the language of flowers, ranunculus say “I’m dazzled by your charms”

Favorite powder room candle? 
Baies by Diptyque

Favorite powder room soap?
Jo Malone Red Roses

Jo Malone’s Red Roses Wash is composed of seven types of roses from around the world

Favorite party dress designer?
Marc By Marc Jacobs or Anna Sui

Favorite party shoe designer?

Anna Weatherly hand painted china is based on 16th, 17th and 18th century botanical art

Favorite china brand?
Anna Weatherly

Favorite crystal brand?
William Yeoward

Jill and Harry’s prom-themed 40th birthday party

Best party you hosted?
It’s a tie between my 25th birthday party – it was a glam rock theme party called Studio Filthy Whore [presumably, Jill’s take on Studio 54] – and the 1980s prom party Harry and I hosted for our 40th birthdays. I never had a prom and it’s an American rite of passage and I felt like a commie bastard, so I had a John Hughes High black-tie prom. It ruled.

You know you’re at a Jill Kargman party when…
Nine Inch Nails is blaring, kids are running, grownups are drinking, and Cards Against Humanity has everyone cackling.

Party invitation you’ll never turn down?
To one of my friend Ashley McDermott’s dinner parties. They’re always lovely and warm with mixed ages, delicious food, and so much soul.

Jill in Valentino at the Met Gala

Most fascinating person you met a party?
Henry Winkler was my dinner partner once and I almost died that I was seated next to the Fonz. He was lovely.

Most interesting thing you learned about someone at a party?
That people who seem cold and standoffish at school or on Madison Avenue can actually loosen up with some champers and be delightful

What do you do when you forget a name?
I shit and then say, do you know my husband, Harry? And wait for them to say their name. It happens all the time, horrifyingly.

Technique for bowing out of a boring conversation gracefully?
“I have to hit the shitter.”

Qualities of a great host?
Warmth, humor and infectious enthusiasm

Qualities of a great guest?

Three party pet-peeves?
Having a boring, straight, Wall Street guy next to me, cell-phone checkers (unacceptable!) and people who stay too late

Three party must-haves?
Good food, good drinks and good music

What will you wish for this year when you blow out your birthday candles?
A second season of Odd Mom Out

We think we’ll wish for that too, doll. Thanks for stopping by.

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