Cameron Silver

Doll, you’re just in time to share a glass of bubbly with us as we toast our chic friend, Cameron Silver, on his new job as the fashion director of H by Halston, a new clothing line inspired by the work of Halston, the great American designer of the ’70s. Let’s face it, Silver couldn’t be more sterling for the job. A fashion historian, author, and the co-founder of Decades, the vintage fashion boutique in Los Angeles, he knows better than anyone how to bring Halston’s slinky and sexy party frocks into the modern age. And, like Halston, who was a fixture at Studio 54 back in the day, Cameron knows a thing or two about parties. Join us as we celebrate Cameron’s new position and learn more about his chic entertaining style.

What’s your entertaining style?
Al fresco casual chic

What’s the last party you attended?
go to a party every night!

What’s your favorite party drink?
A negroni

What party do you wish you could go back in time to attend?
Baron de Rede’s famous “Le Bal Oriental”. 

Cameron Silver QVC

Cameron’s favorite party outfit is a Costume National tuxedo

What’s the most memorable party you ever attended?
Eugenio Lopez’s museum opening after party in Mexico City last year was incredible

Who is the most fascinating person you met at a party?
Ann Richards, and that was at your party, Carla! 

And the most fascinating person you sat next to at a dinner party?
Alec Baldwin

Are there any topics you won’t touch at a party?
Depends on the crowd, but I often avoid politics and money talk

Let’s play favorites. What’s your favorite…


Stationery resourceAardvark Letterpress

Powder room soap: Aesop Hand Soap

Powder room candle: Diptyque Baies

Glassware: Heath Glassware

Party shoe: Louis Leeman

Dinnerware: Heath Ceramics

What would you buy if you only had $100 to spend on party décor?

What’s your dream party location?
The Taj Mahal

Bianca Jagger and Halston

Bianca Jagger and Halston circa 1970s New York 

What are your three party pet peeves?
Waiting in line for a drink, stinky tray-passed food, and dirty bathrooms

What are your three party must-haves?
A gracious host or hostess who makes successful introductions among guests, cool and unexpected guests – no one wants to mingle with the same people all the time – and a low-carb veggie option. 

Thanks, Cameron, for stopping by and sharing your chic party tips, and here’s to you and your wonderful new fashion adventure.

Photo sources: Cameron Silver, Contact Music

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