Stellar Parties: An Astrological Guide to Entertaining in 2019

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What’s in the stars for party throwers and goers this year? Which will be the best days in 2019 for entertaining? To answer those questions and more, The Salonniere turned to Rebecca Gordon, one of the nation’s preeminent astrologers. Mix yourself a Cosmo and slip on a Venetian masquerade mask and your dancing shoes. It’s going to be a very big year for parties.

Will 2019 be a good year for parties?

2019 is going to be a stellar year for parties. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, will be back in its home sign of go-big-or-go-home Sagittarius. This happens once every 12 years. Also Neptune, the planet that rules the arts, music, and fashion trends, will be in magical and glamorous Pisces until 2026.

Stellar Parties: An Astrological Guide to Entertaining in 2019

How will the party vibe be different this year than in 2018?

In 2018, many of us weren’t celebrating as much as usual. Jupiter was in Scorpio, which created a darker and more somber tone to the atmosphere.  

Which will be the biggest planetary influences on parties in 2019?

The biggest influence is that Jupiter will be in Sagittarius. When the biggest planet in our solar system spends a year in its home sign, you know it’s going to be a “go-big” shining year. So this is the year to host a legendary party with all the bells and whistles. Another key influence is that Neptune will be in Pisces, which favors translucent fabrics, masks, illusions, and music that flows gracefully through it all. This is a rare and exciting occurrence that will help hosts reach new heights of glamour in party décor. The last times these two planets were aligned in this way was in the 1680s and 1850s, decadent times filled with extravagant masquerade balls. 

Stellar Parties: An Astrological Guide to Entertaining in 2019

What will be the best days in 2019 for hosting and attending parties?

The best party days this year will be when Venus (the patron of parties) will be in Sagittarius, Leo, or Libra. Venus will be in Sagittarius from January 7 to February 3, so this will be an ideal time for a destination party or culturally oriented occasion. From July 28 to August 20, Venus will be in Leo, which favors celebratory and festive occasions that focus heavily on music and creative dress codes. From September 14 to October 7, Venus will be in Libra, making it the best time for throwing cocktail parties that emphasize mingling. People will be extra-friendly then.

Are there certain kinds of parties that will work particularly well in 2019?

This year will be friendly to all kinds of parties, though it’s an ideal time to be your most creative and global self. Foreign shores will beckon as Jupiter is in Sagittarius, making way for international and larger-than-life party themes. If you’ve always had a concept that seemed too magnificent or extravagant to pull off, this will be the year to make it happen. The 2019 signatures of Pisces and Sagittarius will glimmer with a vast, magical, and exotic flair.

Stellar Parties: An Astrological Guide to Entertaining in 2019

What about the best days for hosting fundraisers? Are there times in 2019 when the planets will encourage generosity?

Jupiter is in its home sign all year, and Saturn and Pluto are moving through the ambitious sign of Capricorn, so it will be a great year for generosity and fundraising parties, as well as for closing deals. The best days to tap into generosity will be between January 6 and January 21 when the eclipses align with Saturn and Pluto; the week of May 5, when earth signs dominate the sky, making people ready to commit; and the week of August 30, when a perfect triangle of planets in the sky will lead to an ease of communication and connection.

Are there any “anti-social” days that we should consider when scheduling a party?  

Luckily there are no Venus or Mars retrogrades this year at all, so party planning will be easier for all of us. I would, however, avoid doing a lot of party planning in July, because it is an eclipse month, and most people will be going through a bit of upheaval in their lives. Also, most of the planets will be opposing Saturn and Pluto then, so there can be challenges with logistics and planning can take longer. But if you already have a July party in the works, don’t fret. Just make sure to triple-check everything. Try to avoid doing a lot of party planning when Mercury is retrograde from March 5 to March 26, July 9 to July 30, and November 1 to November 18; you’ll save so much time in the long run.

Stellar Parties: An Astrological Guide to Entertaining in 2019

Wondering which will be your best days this year for hosting and attending parties? Read on for your 2019 Partology Forecast.

Your best party days will be near January 21, when your ruling planet Mars will align Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius. This will be a fun and flirtatious time for you, as most planets will occupy your fellow fire signs. High-energy nights await you with corks popping and inspiring playlists that get you up and dancing.

February 17 and 18 and August 1 will be your stellar party days, as the festive Leo Moon lights up the home sector of your chart. A lively atmosphere will be created with Mars, the action planet, and Venus in Taurus, giving you the stamina to dance until dawn and still be radiant.

March 2 will be an ideal day for you to host or attend a large gathering, particularly a fundraiser or cultural experience. Both the Moon and Venus will sync up in a fellow air sign, which bodes well for networking and creating an overall energy that connects people around a shared vision.

March 10 and 11 will be ideal days for you to explore your culinary talents and prepare your perfect table with all the fixings. This looks like a sensual and intimate occasion with the perfect menu, playlist, and dream-team guest list. Food and drink always taste better when the Moon is in Taurus—people truly enjoy all of the flavors.

September 28 and 29 will be a great weekend for hosting or attending parties, as a New Moon in graceful Libra will bring the beginning of new relationships. The weekend’s festivities will feature top-notch networking opportunities, and four planets in lovely Libra will ensure plenty of enchanting conversations and beautiful connections.

The week of March 6 will be ideal for creating a romantic and visionary occasion. The New Moon in Pisces will merge with dreamy Neptune, fostering a night of deep connection and creativity. Make sure to have plenty of music and dancing to set the mood.

June 1 will be a spectacular day for formal fetes, like engagement parties, weddings, milestone birthday soirées, and gatherings that celebrate a collaboration or deal that will be sealed. Venus in harmony with Pluto and Saturn ensures the commitment will be successful.

April 9 will be an ideal day for you to host or attend a party where there are speeches and fundraising. Glorious Venus will meet Neptune in Pisces, showing plenty of emotional connections, and the Moon in Gemini will ensure that conversations are fluid and convivial. It’s a time that perfectly balances deep connections and the sharing of new ideas.

Your best party days of the year will be between August 3 and 9 when Jupiter (the planet of abundance) in Sagittarius will link up with flirtatious Venus and Mars in Leo. There will be loads of planets in fire signs, setting the stage for true revelry and a party that will be remembered forever.

On August 11 and 12, the solar system will be split between the signs of formal and polished Capricorn and creatively expressive Leo. This combination bodes well for any formal gathering, such as a benefit or business launch, where the focus is on both speeches and entertainment.

If you want the best turnout possible, host your party on August 14, when there will be a Full Moon in Aquarius. People will find immediate connection with each other and the rest of the planets in Leo will create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Venus and Jupiter will align in glorious Sagittarius on November 23 and 24. This will be a very public period for you, making it a great time to host or attend a large occasion. You seem to be in the spotlight here, so this party may even be to celebrate you!

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Stellar Parties: An Astrological Forecast for 2019

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