Neil Patrick Harris with chef Lulu Powers (right)

The Party:  A dinner party for 20 with actor Neil Patrick Harris as the guest of honor

When and Where: November 2015 in Los Angeles

Caterer and Chef: Lulu Powers

The Details According to Lulu Powers: We made it elegant and simple by using copper ice buckets, trays, pitchers and bowls (yes, I’m obsessed with copper at the moment) down the bar along with our “barscape” of rustic cutting boards, cheeses, meats, gourds, pumpkins, grapes, figs, Persimmons and strawberries from Harry’s Berries at the The Santa Monica Farmers market, What a great way to make the bar come to life and look fun!

We used sprigs of rosemary from the hostess’s garden at each place setting. For dinner, we made roasted root vegetables, grilled miso cilantro Japanese eggplants, citrus chicken, Burrata adorned with golden cherry tomatoes and roasted beets, and roasted butternut squash with crumbled amaretti cookies, fried sage, malton salt and ground pepper. We also had a kale, spinach and mint salad with cashew cheese and fresh pomegranate seeds and skirt steak marinated in my Coco Lopez soy and fresh ginger marinade, which got rave reviews.


The marinade is a recipe I had forgotten about until a month ago when my cousin Terry called me to say he was a hit in the Hamptons with his skirt steak.  I asked him how he prepared it and he told me that he was cleaning out his kitchen drawer and found the recipe, which I had given him. I made it up back in 2005 with my good friend and fellow chef, Lisa Kurtzman.  Lisa and I always have fun creating in the kitchen especially after a few sneekys.

lulu powers

Neil’s partner, Jeff, tended bar and made zillions of spicy margaritas. We went through about 40 limes.

Lisa & Lulu’s Luscious Skirt Steak Recipe

Equal amount of Coco Lopez to soy (3/4th cup)

1/2 cup lime juice

1 tablespoon sesame oil

A squeeze of a medium size lemon

2 heaping tablespoons of fresh minced ginger

2 tablespoons of fresh minced garlic

Mix ingredients together, marinate skirt steak for 4 hours, the longer the better.


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