Founded by Rebecca Revel, a well-connected member of the San Francisco community, MartiniBird is an exclusive, full-service event-planning company that works with a hand-selected group of clients by recommendation only. Rebecca’s list of clients is sourced carefully from her extensive network. Among those who have been fortunate enough to land a spot on her planning calendar are Amanda Hearst of Friends of Finn and Maison de Mode; Pia Cohler of PIA; Shervin Pishevar of Sherpa Ventures; and Travis Kalanick of Uber. In addition, start-up companies, including Asana and Shyp; institutional tech companies, such as eBay; and top venture-capital firms often seek the event-planning services of MartiniBird.

Prior to founding MartiniBird, Rebecca was the Director of Marketing at Trinity Ventures, where she was responsible for the firm’s content strategy, community events, social media, and public relations. She also advised Trinity’s early and mid-stage portfolio companies on their marketing and communications. She had an “aha” moment when she realized that there was a lack of critical thinking in event planning. That realization led her to found MartiniBird and offer companies a way of transforming their events into highly strategic initiatives that can achieve larger business, brand, and community goals.

Growing up in the small town of Twin Bridges, Montana, Rebecca’s favorite stories are those about her family’s eight generations in the City by the Bay. Her ancestors founded Folgers Coffee and the energy company that would evolve to become PG&E. With a family history that dates back to before the Gold Rush days, Rebecca has deep ties to the city and to the organizations that support and define the community’s culture.

Rebecca has served on the board of the Generation V committee of the Bothin Foundation, which was started by her ancestor Henry Bothin, as well as on the executive board of the San Francisco Symphony’s Symphonix League and as a council member of the SFMOMA’s Society for the Encouragement of Contemporary Art.