LJF Events has gained a reputation as one of the world’s leading providers of full-service event production resources for elite small and mid-size businesses that wish to create uniquely memorable events for their clients, partners, and investors.

Under the direction of their founder, Linle Froeb, a 20-year veteran of the Bay Area’s brisk social scene, LJF Events’ work runs the gamut from CEO retreats, investment conferences and board meetings to special milestone events and major galas.

Among their more notable events are a golfing adventure for 12 executives that included private jet travel to Scotland and Ireland, where the guests dined on one of the Queen’s yachts, and a major black-tie ball in San Francisco, for which a city ballroom was transformed into an under-the-sea banquet experience.

Across the United States, LJF Events produces exclusive events for its clients from the Napa Valley to Pebble Beach, spanning the beaches of Florida to Hawaii, traveling to the Southwest deserts and snowy ski slopes of Colorado and Utah, while creating rewarding urban events in New York City, Chicago, and Miami. With the expertise to deliver everything from marquee entertainers and their technical production requirements to sophisticated graphic design, logistics management, and contract negotiation, few firms can offer clients the degree of creativity, attention to detail, and exceptional level of service that LJF Events provides.