Lara Shriftman

Lovebug, I’m delighted that you stopped by. You’re just in time to meet my gorgeous, doll-of-a-friend, Lara Shriftman. A lifestyle, fashion, luxury and entertaining expert, Lara is a partologist of the highest order. She’s written four books on entertaining and is a partner and co-founder of the uber-connected branding and special events firm, Harrison and Shriftman, which has offices in New York, LA and Miami. One of LA’s top hostesses, Lara took a moment from her work with chic clients like Grey Goose and Jimmy Choo to RSVP to The Salonniere’s Proustesque party questionnaire.

Your entertaining style?

Your signature party detail?
A fun signature cocktail made ahead of time. My two favorites right now are the Grey Goose Le Fizz and a Casamigos cranberry and lime margarita.

Russell Simmons

Last party you attended?
Russell Simmons’ book party at his house, co-hosted with Brett Ratner

Last party you hosted?
My son’s 6th birthday party at Soho House

Most memorable party you attended?
Oscars 2000

Party you wish you could go back in time to attend?
Truman Capote’s Black and White Ball

Renee Zellwegger and Lara Shriftman

Most gracious celebrity guest?
Renee Zellweger always talks to everyone at a party and writes a great thank-you note.

Best line to get a conversation going with a shy dinner partner?
“How do you know the host?”

Favorite place to entertain?
At home


How do you stay party ready?
I always have a chilled bottle of Dom Perignon, sea salt pita chips and spicy hummus ready to go.

Top three tips for being a great host?
Over-invite, make sure you have an interesting guest list and make a great playlist

Your go-to hostess gift?
A Ralph Lauren picture frame with a picture of the host

Lara Shriftman

Best way to say thank you?
With a hand-written card. It’s important to have a collection of classic and fun stationery.

Is there such a thing as fashionably late?
Always try to be on time, especially for a sit-down dinner.

Song that always gets you dancing?
Anything by Madonna

Favorite party resources?
Anders Ruff and Papersource

If you had $100 to spend on party décor, what would you buy?

Three party pet peeves?
People who show up late and guests who are not gracious

Three party must-haves?
A great guest list, great music and a great cocktail

Lara Shriftman and Carla McDonald

Thank you, Lara!

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