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Inside this room, all of my dreams become realities…and some of my realities become dreams.

Oh, if only you could bottle the magnetism of the humble kitchen! No matter how much we arrange the living room seating to welcome conversation, people always seem to find their way to the kitchen, glass in hand, guard slightly down. And why shouldn’t they? It’s been years since design magazines declared the kitchen the new living room, but these days, appliance, gadget, and cookware brands are going out of their way to supply show-stopping pieces that wow guests with their style and substance. So don’t fight a party’s natural creep to the kitchen. Embrace it by outfitting your kitchen with these standout pieces, which are as chic and stylish as your best party dress. Grab a Kitchen Sink and read on…

Kitchen Appliances

LG was so serious about bringing a strong design element to their appliances that they brought on star interior designer Nate Berkus as the artistic advisor for their LG Studio Collection line. The result is not only incredibly stylish details, like sleek and sophisticated brushed stainless steel finishes, but host-friendly perks as well, like the water dispenser that’s tall enough to use to fill a vase for the flowers your guest just walked in with.


And you can’t talk about luxe kitchen appliances without mentioning La Cornue, one of the first companies to truly embrace high design in the kitchen with their iconic Château range. And yet, they continue to come out with wow-worthy additions to the line, from last year’s new greige colorway to an oxidized brass, electric blue exterior created in collaboration with Dutch designer Lex Pott.

How to make your kitchen party perfect - The Salonniere

Kitchen Tile

At first glance, the handmade cement tiles from Morocco-based Popham Design don’t even look like tiles, they look like graphic artworks (forget rectangles, we’re looking at hexagons, triangles, and coral patterns, oh my!). While many of the patterns are suited for those with a bolder entertaining style, their David Hicks designs are clear classics. With a selection that goes across all the colors of the rainbow (including several shades of white), there’s certainly something for everyone.


Granada Tile is another company pulling out the stops with their highly-coveted cement tile designs – the proof is easily in the fact that their tiles are perhaps the most Instagrammed in Los Angeles, thanks to choice placement in coffee meccas like Intelligentsia in Silver Lake and Alfred Coffee on Melrose Place as well as the buzzy Otium at the Broad Museum. Oh, and that’s Jessica Alba’s kitchen with the company’s Athens tiles, as seen in Better Homes and Gardens. Like we said: highly-coveted.

Justin Coit


Williams-Sonoma’s new line of copper everything – from cocktail shakers to pasta forks to olive oil cruets are like Botox for your kitchen counters – not as pricey as a full facelift (i.e., that dream renovation), but a pretty stellar fix to make your kitchen look fresh, renewed, and so deliciously tasteful you might find guests drooling over a vegetable peeler.

Cooper cookware to make your kitchen party perfect

Le Creuset is another one of those companies that’s been ahead of the curve when it comes to high-end, high-design kitchenware – they never seem to stop innovating. Their latest release, the Oasis collection of Dutch ovens, roasters, and more, is just begging to be photographed by Slim Aarons himself. Those fresh, Palm Springs-inspired colors are sure to inspire envy (and wanderlust) from guests.

Le Creuset makes your kitchen party perfect - The Salonniere

Kitchen Gadgets

2016’s newest addition to the appliances-as-art trend is Juicero, a juicer that makes fresh, cold-press juice while staying magically mess-free. It resembles a sleek and in-demand Apple product more than anything you’d see at your neighborhood juice bar – and garners a fair amount of attention from curious guests for that very reason. Thanks to convenient organic produce-filled “packs”, you can whip up a Vitamin C concoction to ward off a cold one minute and a spicy green juice for a zesty cocktail the next. Pure, unadulterated genius. Here is a great guide to help you choose the right juicer for your needs.


Meanwhile, as pretty as those classic bottles of Pellegrino are, the Yves Béhar-designed “Power” SodaStream (in black or white) makes an even more stylish addition to your countertop with the added benefit that you’ll never have to worry about running out. Even the soda bottle itself is chic. Stock up on these babies. You’ll want to have extras on hand.


Discommon’s stunning, genius bottle opener looks like an objet d’art – keep the champagne-hued, palm-of-your-hand-shaped opener out for guests to grab so they never have to skip a beat when moving onto the next bottle.

How to make your kitchen party perfect - The Salonniere
Another option for opening bottles in style is the collection of solid brass openers from Fort Standard. The only thing more fabulous than the variety of sizes and designs is the fact that you can get them monogrammed. We’ll toast to that!

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Kitchen Party Room Welcome Mashup

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