Today’s National Irish Coffee Day, so it’s time for a hooley (that’s the word for an Irish soirée.) To get things going, we’re sharing the original Irish Coffee recipe courtesy of Dara Cruise, who was the head barman at the Four Seasons Hotel in Dublin, which is now The InterContinental Dublin. Sláinte, baby!


1 cup freshly brewed hot coffee
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 jigger Irish whiskey such as Bushmills or Jameson
Heavy cream, slightly whipped


Fill a footed mug or standard mug with hot water to preheat it, then empty. Pour strong, piping hot coffee into warmed glass until it is about 3/4 full. Add the brown sugar and stir until completely dissolved. Blend in Irish whiskey. Top with a collar of the whipped heavy cream by pouring it gently over the back of the spoon. NB: The trick to keeping the cream on top of the coffee is to use a heated spoon when adding the whipped cream.

Click here for a great how-to video courtesy of The Food Network.

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Photo: Serious Eats

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