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Technology is not always the most welcome guest at a dinner party. As our founder Carla McDonald told the Washington Post: “A cellphone is like a cigarette. If you’re going to use one, you need to excuse yourself from the table and go outside.”  But there are a handful of innovative, high-tech products that have been designed to be a party host’s best friend. Ready to take a byte? Read on for our seven must-haves.


Speak Up

The smallest Bluetooth electrostatic speaker in the world, the treVolo S by BenQ, $199, delivers an astonishingly big, rich, and clear sound, thanks to the fact that it uses the same technology generally reserved for large, high-end speakers. It also has dual woofers, dual amplifiers, and a “party mode” that provides an enhanced listening experience for your playlist. And at just 6 inches high x 2 inches wide x 3.5 inches deep when the speaker panes are closed, it’s highly portable. You can move your party from room to room without skipping a beat—with the treVolo S in one hand and your cocktail in the other.


High-tech party products on The Salonniere

Floor Exercises

It’s a tale as old as time: your home has been cleaned within an inch of its life, you’re running around lighting candles and setting out hors d’oeuvres, and suddenly you notice a few specks and footprints on the floor—mon Dieu. The solution? Take the hour before your guests arrive to finish getting primped and let Ecovac’s DEEBOT M88, $450, give the floors a final clean—as in a sweep, vacuum, mop, and dry, all in one pass. This genius little helper will even let you know when it’s done by pinging your phone and sending itself into self-charging mode. Good robot.

High-tech party products on The Salonniere

An Oven for All Seasons

When you’re handling your own party cooking, it can be challenging to get every dish just right. Enter June, the “intelligent oven,” $1,495, which recognizes what you put inside it and uses carbon fiber heating elements, convection fans, a thermometer, and a corresponding app to ensure that everything, from roasts to molten chocolate cakes, gets cooked to perfection every single time.

High-tech party products on The Salonniere

A Fork Whose Tine Has Come

Sharing high-tech party finds with your guests always makes for great conversation starters. Set your table with Knork flatware, which starts at $25 for a 5-piece place setting, and listen as your guests ooh and ah about how it feels to eat with utensils so high-tech that their ergonomic design has been patented. Oprah Winfrey, a member of the Salonnere 100, is a fan, citing how the sides of the fork are beveled to cut food with ease. Genius!

High-tech party products on The Salonniere

Feeling Chill

Let’s face it. When you’re hosting a party, it’s nearly impossible to keep your bottles of bubbly, white wine, and red wine at just the right serving temperatures. That’s why we’re crazy about Vinglacé, $80, a clever bottle holder that serves as a mini-refrigeration device for giggle water ranging from sparkling wines to full-bodied reds and Ports. Simply unscrew the adjustable top and insert your chilled bottle, screw the top back on, and enjoy your wine at the perfect temperature for hours. Available in a variety of chic colors, they’ll blend in perfectly with your party décor. High-tech party products on The Salonniere

She’s So Controlling

Is there a riveting story happening at the table? “Alexa, please turn the music down.” Is a guest chilly? “Alexa, please bump up the temperature to 73.” Is your friend obsessed with your dinnerware and asking you to send her the link to purchase her own set? “Alexa, remind me to email Georgia.”  All this control and convenience comes via the Amazon Echo, $99.99, and you’ll never have to leave your seat.

High-tech party products on The Salonniere

Night Lights

A confident guest is a happy guest. And when you can control the lighting from your smartphone with specially-set lightscapes to flatter, dim, and color-correct like a real-life filter, you’ll be looking at a very delighted set of friends. It’s all thanks to Philips’ Hue system, which starts at $200 and allows you to create your own wireless lighting set-up.  You can dim the lights at the dinner table, run a colorful light show to coordinate with your playlist, and then brighten things up at the end of the night to help your guests find their way to the door. Oh, and it syncs up effortlessly with the Echo, giving Alexa another nifty task to control.

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