Federal City Caterers is a boutique catering company known for its delicious food, grand style, and outstanding creativity. Founded in 1994 by five hands-on owners, they have built their business with a custom approach to catering that blends careful listening, personal attention, and collaboration with delicious, imaginative food. As a result, they have become a go-to partner for some of Washington, D.C.’s most discerning private citizens, political figures, and businesses.

Federal City Caterers attributes much of its success and repeat business to its fresh and creative food, classic yet clever cocktails, and flawless execution. They spend a great deal of time planning menus that communicate the theme and purpose of an event and reflect the client’s personal tastes.

Their food is deeply rooted in American cuisine—a melting pot of bold flavors influenced by the cultural diversity of our nation’s capital. They emphasize high-quality, locally sourced ingredients and enjoy incorporating the latest food trends into their menus so guests will be talking about the meal long after the party has ended.

In addition, clients can be confident in knowing that Federal City Caterers will always be gracious and discreet. All staff members are trained to anticipate the needs of guests and to deliver both a high level of personal attention and unobtrusive service.

Photos: Rodney Bailey

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