Cocktails from Around the World on The Salonniere

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Just in time for any Olympics festivities you may be planning, we asked our cadre of international revelers—our gold medalists of giggle water—to tell us which cocktails are currently trending in a few of our favorite cities around the world. Grab a Globe Trotter Martini and listen in as we share the international libation sensations that you’ll surely want to serve stateside.

Montreal: The Saffron Sour

Cocktails from Around the World on The Salonniere

Montreal, the largest city in Canada’s Québec province, is in the throes of a creative cocktail movement with more and more bars and restaurants investing in innovative drink programs. Friends in the French-speaking metropolis tell us that The Saffron Sour, which features a delightful mélange of flavors, is really spicing up the cocktail scene. Santé!

Paris: The French Old Fashioned

Cocktails from Around the World on The Salonniere

According to several of today’s top Parisian salonnieres, the biggest giggle water trend in The City of Lights is reimagining classic cocktails by using only French ingredients. One example is to make a French Old Fashioned, featuring Champagne instead of whiskey. Cognac and Calvados are also being incorporated into time-honored cocktails to create new classics with a twist. À la vôtre!

Havana: The Cuba Libre

Cocktails from Around the World on The Salonniere

Cuban cocktail culture is still deeply rooted in classic mojitos, daiquiris, and Cuba Libres, and our Havana-based merrymakers report that the Cuba Libre, crafted with classic Havana Club Cuban rum, is still the Cuban capital city’s libation of choice. Salud!

London: The Classic Martini

Cocktails from Around the World on The Salonniere

London swings like a pendulum do, but it doesn’t swing far from its classic taste in cocktails. According to our British giggle water aficionados, there’s still no potable that appeals more to Londoners than a well-crafted Classic Dry Martini. There are even watering holes in town devoted entirely to serving martinis. One, aptly named Dry Martini, offers more than 100 variations on the classic pour. Cheers!

Rome: The Carbonara Sour

Cocktails from Around the World on The Salonniere

Our Roman revelers report that those living in Italy’s capital city were preoccupato with the news that Massimo D’Addezio, who spent 15 years behind the bar at the beloved Hotel de Russie, was leaving to open his own bar called Co.So. Cocktail & Social. His new signature cocktail, the Carbonara Sour, includes an unusual ingredient that has the entire Italian capital talking and drinking. Cin cin!

Berlin: The Gin Basil Smash

Cocktails from Around the World on The Salonniere

According to the social set in Berlin, gin is in. In fact, it’s so au courant that Germany’s capital city has spawned several delicious gin brands of its own and boasts a slew of bars dedicated entirely to serving cocktails that feature the juniper-based spirit. Not surprisingly, the refreshing and delicious Gin Basil Smash has become the city’s current favorite cocktail. Prost! 

Barcelona: The Aperol Spritz

Cocktails from Around the World on The Salonniere

According to our Spanish soirée spies, the hottest cocktail in Barcelona continues to be the classic Aperol Spritz. While the Aperol Spritz has long been a popular pour in Italy, Barcelonians have come to appreciate the refreshing drink over the last few years because it’s the perfect aperitif for what they call their “appetizer moment.” Txin txin!

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