The citrus-hued tabletop

Mmmm…juicy fruit.

Happy spring, peaches. Today is National Oranges and Lemons Day—hey, if pickled peppers can have their own month, it’s only fair—and we’re celebrating with a bushel full of the freshest and most mouth-watering, citrus-hued tabletop products. Come on in, and let us mix you a citrusy margarita while you take a look at the crop of spring and summer tabletop goodies that are ripe for the pickin’.

The citrus-hued tabletopThe citrus-hued tabletop

Our Lime-Inspired Picks

Carafe with stopper
Glass tumblers
Braided placemat
Fringed cocktail napkin
Ice cream dish and spoon
Faience earthenware plates
Handcrafted porcelain vessels
Constellation napkin ring

The citrus-hued tabletopThe citrus-hued tabletop

Our Lemon-Inspired Picks

Steak knives with acrylic glass handles
Empoli cased glass decanter
Meyer lemon salad plates
Perforated cotton napkins
Lemon-inflused flake salt
Fluted porcelain cup
Margarita glass with colored rim
Yellow rose cake

The citrus-hued tabletopThe citrus-hued tabletop

Our Orange-Inspired Picks

Flatware with compressed fabric handles
Bone china accent plate
Acrylic pitcher with clear handle
Twist votive holder
Handblown decanter with stopper
Orange-bordered place card
Typographer’s crest napkins with grosgrain trim
Orange dahlia napkin ring
Martini glasses

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The Citrus-Hued Tabletop

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