Abigail Kirsch has long enjoyed a reputation as one of New York’s finest catering companies. Whether catering a 2,000-person corporate event or gala, an elegant wedding for 200 guests, or an intimate dinner party in a private home, Abigail Kirsch is known for providing exquisite food and unparalleled service.

Driven by the belief that “we are only as good as our last event,” Jim Kirsch, President and CEO, and his team are fixated on ensuring that every event they do is flawless. According to Kirsch, their mission is to execute impeccable events with a personal touch so clients feel like guests and guests feel like they are in someone’s home. The company refers to its approach as “the Abigail Kirsch Experience.”

Not surprisingly, they have earned a client list that reads like a who’s who of high society, Hollywood, and the non-profit and business worlds. Among Kirsch’s clients are Google, Nike. Rolls Royce, The New York Times, Universal Pictures, NBC, Goldman Sachs, American Express, Montblanc, and L’Oréal.

From luncheons in Central Park and weddings in country mansions to product launches at landmark locations like the Empire State Building, Abigail Kirsch has become one of the most trusted catering partners to corporations, philanthropic organizations, and families living in the tri-state area.

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