Must I always wear a low-cut dress to be important?

An ugly sweater party can be fun for the holidays because it gives people a fun and easy way to connect with one another. I also love them as a theme for office parties because they are a natural equalizer. But, despite its name, an ugly sweater party can actually be quite lovely. It just takes a few well-thought-through details and a nice balance between kitsch and chic. Gather round as we sweat all the details for you.


Create an invitation that sets the mood.

Dress your wait staff in ugly vests worn over white shirts and bow ties. 

Decorate your tree with knitted ball ornaments. These were purchased on eBay.

Incorporate mini sweaters into your floral arrangements. These are from Michael’s.

Serve plenty of festive red and green foods.


Use cocktail napkins that feature a sweater pattern. These, from Zazzle, coordinated beautifully with our signature cocktail, a pomegranate martini.

Incorporate knitted items on your buffet table.

Items that look knitted are fun to add as well. These bowls are from Michael’s.

Of course, don’t forget to serve not-so-ugly and very delicious sweater cookies.

Print up voting cards and give prizes to those “who wore it worst.” 

Take a Polaroid of each guest as they enter. During the party, have a helper print them out and insert them into a snow globe. It’s the perfect party favor – guests can put them on their desks and giggle about the night all year long.  

Don’t forget to include your puppy in the fun. Ours even received a couple of votes in the ugliest sweater contest.

Introductory photo: Deanna Durbin
Introductory quote: Jean Harlow

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