“Licorice, mmmm. If there’s anything I’m a sucker for, it’s licorice.”

Hey doll, it’s Tuesday, our favorite day of the week, the day we like to get…tipsy! Today, we’re offering up tips on choosing a memorable hostess gift – you can’t throw every party, doll – by letting 10 of the country’s chicest party givers spill the beans about the most memorable host or hostess gift they have ever received. Many a trinket has been bestowed upon these stylish social butterflies over the years, so you can bet that there’s a lesson to be learned from the goodies that stand out. Gather ’round, darlin’. Their answers prove that an inspired host or hostess gift doesn’t always have to cost a pretty penny. It really is the thought that counts.

Cornelia Guest, philanthropist, entrepreneur, author and animal rights advocate: Without a doubt, a treat for my dogs. And of course anything rosé!!!!


Cornelia Guest

Christopher Spitzmiller, designer and maker of hand-thrown ceramic lamps: Sinners & Saints cookies from Studmuffin Desserts are my favorite.

Christopher Spitzmiller

Christopher Spitzmiller

Carmen Dell’Orefice, supermodel: A six-pack of Fiji water. I am, above all things, practical and it was something I could actually use.


Carmen Dell’Orefice

Jaqui Lividini, philanthropist, luxury branding guru and entrepreneur: One dozen fresh eggs in a basket. They were gorgeous, exotic colors just laid that morning – so chic!

Lana Ogilvie, fashion model: A beautiful little drawing of the food we served the night before. It was really the most wonderful and original gift. I have it framed and hanging on our wall.

Natasha Bergreen, interior and floral designer: Friends from Maine gave me a hostess gift that was beyond…a beautiful willow basket filled with the most amazing collection of hand foraged chanterelle mushrooms and delicately wrapped soft shell lobsters presented on a bed of glistening seaweed.

Lauren Ezersky, fashion icon, philanthropist and television producer and host: A fabulous pair of sandals with 14 karat gold decorations. I occasionally use them as table decor!

Tata Harper, founder and creator of Tata Harper luxury skin care: For one of my dinner parties, a friend brought a delicious pie in a gorgeous pottery pie dish. When we finished dessert, she said I could keep the dish! I thought that was such a special thing to do.


Tata Harper

Gavin Phipps, owner and designer, Phipps Jewelry: Tickets to watch Sampras defeat Becker at center court at Wimbledon.

Carla McDonald, founder of The Salonniere: A basket of homemade breakfast treats for the morning. When you’re planning a big party, the last thing you’re thinking about is what you’ll have for breakfast the next day. I found it so thoughtful!

Introductory photo: Auntie Mame, 1958
Introductory quote: Adam’s Rib, 1949

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