The Salonniere is the premier and award-winning site dedicated exclusively to the art of entertaining. Join us, we feel a party coming on.

The Salonniere (“sal-on-yair”) is the premier and award-winning website dedicated exclusively to the art of entertaining. Named for the trailblazing women in 17th and 18th century France whose parties, called salons, proved the power and influence of social gatherings, The Salonniere promotes the joys of planning, hosting, and attending parties. Like great party conversations, stories on The Salonniere are filled with giggles and great information—from entertaining tips and product recommendations to profiles of inspiring party hosts and top event experts. Tipsy in both tone and content, The Salonniere “serves” its stories with a relevant cocktail and in three minutes, the average length of a casual cocktail party chat. Adding to the fun are the vintage-photo-and-quote mashups that introduce the feature stories: unrelated yet fitting, they pair to form a cocktail of wink-wink wit that introduces each topic.