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So let it be written, so let it be done.

Planning parties should be fun—they’re a great way to express our creativity and personal style. But for some people, planning a party, whether large, small, formal, or informal, can be stressful. Will anyone come? Will they have fun? Will I overcook the turkey?

The Salonniere's Party-Planning Checklist

The truth is, feeling a touch of party angst, whether you’re hosting a party or attending one, is normal, but it doesn’t have to be defining. The secret to managing hosting stress is planning ahead.

“Four words. I am a Virgo,” says Alexa Pulitzer, a member of The Salonniere 100, who is currently planning three parties. “I don’t experience party anxiety because I visualize, plan, and micro-manage the details on the front end, so I can enjoy the music, food, and guests at each fête.”

The Salonniere's Party-Planning Checklist

To ensure others have the same experience, we’ve created The Salonniere’s Party-Planning Checklist, a comprehensive week-by-week guide that helps hosts plan their events with ease. Comprised of to-do lists, helpful tips, and clickable links, the Checklist takes the stress out of party planning by listing each and every task that needs to be done and when.

So as you head into the holiday party season, embrace any tinges of party-planning angst as mere excitement and use the Checklist to reduce your stress. We promise, this fête-fabulous party tool will refocus your energy on the joy that comes with giving people the great gift of togetherness.

The Salonniere's Party-Planning Checklist

With that, let’s toast to a season filled with low-stress revelry!

Download The Salonniere’s Party-Planning Checklist here.

The Salonniere’s Party-Planning Checklist

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