Cherries Jubilee

Bing! Thursday is National Cherries Jubilee Day, so let’s talk flambés, shall we? Cherries Jubilee is a classic party dessert made with cherries and kirsch that is set afire – usually tableside and with great fanfare (whoosh!) – and served over vanilla ice cream. The story goes that Cherries Jubilee was created in 1887 by Auguste Escoffier, one of the greatest French chefs of all time, for Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee.

Cherries Jubilee

Interestingly, there was no mention of ice cream in Auguste’s original “Cerises Jubilee” recipe, just talk of stoning the cherries and adding arrowroot. Thank goodness for efficient cherry pitters and recipe adjustments. Ready to try your hand at this razzle-dazzle party dish? Click here for our favorite recipe and scroll down for our Cherries Jubilee Day must-haves…cherry-picked just for you, doll:

Serve your Cherries Jubilee as Auguste would have in these elegant silver bowls…

Or use this set of glass tumblers to let the beauty of your Cherries Jubilee shine through.

Cherries Jubilee calls for fanciful ice cream spoons like these.

Stoning cherries is the pits but this baby can handle up to 25 pounds of cherries in an hour.

Stainless steel skillets work best for flambés. Keep the lid handy in case you need to extinquish the flame quickly.

In case you haven’t heard the scoop, this is the best ice cream one on the market.

For a touch of cherry-inspired fashion, you can’t top this beautiful vintage brooch…

Or this whimsical cherry-themed clutch.

The cherry on top? MAKE’s Maraschino Cherry lipstick: 10% of sales go to the We See Beauty Foundation, which benefits women-run, worker-owned cooperative businesses.

Cheers to cherries, doll.

Photo sources: Pinterest, Recipe 100

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