I want you to let the ballyhoo boys loose, plan a celebration and declare a holiday.

Doll, come on in. We’ve invited a few of our our chic friends to bring a marvelous morsel of style to our feast of July 4th fabulousness. Grab your LiberTea, and take a gander at the Fourth-of-July-themed stories below. We think you’ll be inspired by them. We certainly were.


Mark D. Sikes: Classic American Style

Stylebeat Blog

Stylebeat: Feeling Festive for 4th of July Fireworks

Elements of Style

Elements of Style: A Good Ol’ American Beach Day

Coco + Kelley

Coco + Kelley: A Patriot’s Party for the 4th of July

Thank you, Chic Blog Friends, for helping us prepare for America’s birthday party. And happy (early) birthday, America!

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Top photo: Ann Miller, 1923-2004
Quote: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, 1939

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