Bash Please is a creative event and styling production team located in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Referred to as “L.A.’s nexus of matrimonial cool” and “a trusted source for a stress-free event,” Bash Please has become a go-to event partner for high-profile clients in California.

In addition, their talented founders, Paige Appel and Kelly Harris, are the authors of “The New Fashioned Wedding,” published by Rizzoli, which offers a fresh, modern take on wedding design.

With a production team of 12 seasoned event planners, Bash Please offers their clients the full range of event planning services – from destination scouting and the design and development of printed materials to the overall design of the event and its execution and management. Their keen attention to detail, together with an artful and sophisticated aesthetic, also makes Bash Please the perfect company to assist with styling vignettes for photos that will capture forever the most beautiful elements of an event.

When designing events, Bash Please takes its cues from the old, the new, the artful, and the organic – all to create an event that perfectly captures and showcases the client’s personal style and sensibilities. Their clients will often hear them utter their two favorite quotes: “Beauty organizes the mind,” and “Engage the senses.”

To see more of their beautiful work, visit their Instagram page here.