Amy Preiser of The Salonniere

Amy Preiser is a lifestyle journalist who writes frequently for print and online publications including the Los Angeles Times, New York magazine, House Beautiful, Architectural Digest, and The Salonniere. As a design editor in New York, Amy held senior roles at ELLE DECOR, House Beautiful, Veranda, and AOL, and honed her small-space entertaining skills in her Brooklyn apartment. Now in the LA area, she’s experimenting with the additional square-footage and celebration possibilities California holds.

What’s your entertaining style?

Warm, eclectic, colorful, and full of fun touches. Always extra wine, always extra guac.

And your favorite cocktail?

Anything with lavender. But I’ll always choose a bright fizzy glass of Lambrusco when it’s on offer.

What would be your dream party to host?

A wildly chic sleepover-themed bash, complete with all guests in designer pajamas. S’mores for dessert, of course.

What are your party pet peeves?

Conversation monopolizers and extended inside jokes that leave others out. Oh! And people who disrupt fun, old-fashioned arguments by pulling out their phone for the answer. Put that thing away and chat!

What’s your signature topic of conversation?

It sounds bizarre, but birth order. I love comparing notes on how different sibling dynamics (or only-child dynamics!) work across families.