The Salonniere (“sal-on-yair”) is the premier and award-winning site dedicated exclusively to the art of entertaining. Named for the trailblazing women in 17th and 18th century France whose parties, called salons, proved how influential social gatherings can be, The Salonniere provides those who love to host and attend parties with everything from entertaining tips and product recommendations to profiles of inspiring party hosts, past and present. Like a great party, The Salonniere provides giggles, gaiety, and great information. Tipsy in tone and content, each story is served with a relevant cocktail and in three minutes, the average length of a casual cocktail party chat. Adding to the fun are the mashups of vintage photos and quotes that introduce each feature story. Though unrelated, they pair to form a cocktail of wink-wink wit that introduces each topic with a chuckle.

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